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  • Join us for

    ART that MOVES!

    June 26 & 27, 7:30pm

    The Theatre at St. Jeans - 150 East 76th Street, NYC 10021


    We invite you to FEEL the power of art & be transformed by it. Join us for an evening of classical & contemporary ballet, live music, emotions, & human connection!


    VIP Experience & General Admission tickets available now!

  • ART that MOVES

    Only true art has the power to transform you.

    This transformation requires vulnerability from BOTH the artists and the audience.

    In other words, we need YOU.

    This vulnerability & willingness to fully immerse yourself in the story, music, & movement awakens the senses & reminds us what it means to be human. AVID's live art creates a transformative experience in the moment, as ephemeral as the passing of time, that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Photo Credit: Noel Valero Photography

    About AVID

    AVID is unique in that it strives to nurture its dancers, making a long-term investment in them to prolong their careers & give them access to their full physical potential.


    AVID is not based in any one city but a collaboration of seasoned professionals & young artists from across the country coming together for projects designed to be real, raw, & vulnerable. The desire is to combine AVID's established dancers with local artists to create something authentic to each location, something the community can relate to and participate in.


    We embrace our responsibility to create meaningful art, a positive impact on society, & human connection through dance traditions & innovative art.


    AVID is a celebration of life and what it means to be fully alive & human. We hope you'll join us on this journey to explore the depths of our capacity to be MOVED!

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