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  • Welcome, Industry Professionals!

    Thank you for joining us for AVID's first introduction to the public!


    We understand the struggling artist life better than anyone. So, we wanted to make this event easily accessible to people who would appreciate it most - YOU!


    That being said, anything you feel willing to contribute to help cover the costs of the evening would be greatly appreciated. Even $20-$40 to cover your drinks would help us be able to create more events like this in the future - which means more opportunities for artists like you!

    If you'd like to become a full-on supporter & make a tax-deductible donation, click here!

    Hopefully this behind-the-scenes glimpse into our project will build your anticipation for what’s to come in our Inaugural Season Performance in June 2024!

    We hope to see you back then!

  • Thank you for helping us create more opportunities for the dance world!

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    Save The Date!


    Inaugural Season Performance

    June 26 & 27, 2024

    Theatre at St. Jeans

    150 East 76th Street


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