• Anne-Marie Keane


    Photo Credit: Sherri Innis

    Anne-Marie Keane loves to tell stories. Her stories translate into musical notes, notes that communicate emotions, personalities, places, and events. Anne-Marie started studying classical piano and wrote her first composition at age five. At the age of eleven, she started studying ballet and after a few years added jazz dance and musical theater to her repertoire. Anne-Marie’s lifelong dream has been to combine her love of composing music with her love for dance.


    Anne-Marie enjoys collaborating with other people and creating innovative art and music. Each project she works on is a new opportunity to create what has never existed before, to innovate with new sounds and ways of playing instruments. With music, there are infinite ways of combining instruments, notes, and rhythms to project every type of emotion, mood, or ambience. There is nothing she likes better than to be challenged to write music she has not written before to tell a story that has never been told.


    As a lifelong learner, Anne-Marie received her BA from Dartmouth, MBA from Harvard, and an Advanced Professional Certificate in Orchestration for Film and TV from Berklee College of Music. She is currently enrolled in Berklee’s Master of Music in Film Scoring program.

    Photo Credit: Sherri Innis

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